Independent Veterinary Laboratory Consulting

Evolving the veterinary laboratory through strategic planning and optimization.

Advocating for veterinary teams by getting them the right lab equipment and testing at the best price. 
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Why the Laboratory?

Improving the lab's performance (whether that be testing accuracy, communication, ROI, or fiscal) is a great way to free up time and fiscal resources.

But when it comes to operational efficiency in the lab, there's been limited know-how---until now.

Improving day-to-day operations and workflows in the lab not only saves your team time, but it opens the door for additional pro-patient, profitable more in-depth possibilities.

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Expert Guidance on All Things Lab.

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...In-house lab equipment

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...Veterinary imaging equipment, from POC ultrasound to DR, MRI, and CT and more

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What is "Independent Veterinary Laboratory Consulting?"

Rachel, the founder of Amwell Data Services, works FOR veterinarians.

Her recommendations surrounding laboratory equipment and testing are not colored by kickbacks, commissions, or affiliation offers from any industry vendors.

Yes, she accepts select projects with veterinary diagnostic companies to aid in marketing, research, and product development. However, she discloses all business relationships with vendors to the veterinary teams she works with. 

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Looking for team training for lab techniques?

We've teamed up with Sam Geiling, a credentialed veterinary technician and longtime classroom educator, to help teams strengthen their lab skills.

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